Merriams Turkey Hunt

Hunt Merriam Turkey’s on over 6000 acres in and around Triple T Ranch. Our nearly 100% success rate is bolstered by our high turkey to hunter ratio. We offer hunts on properties that are SWARMING with big Gobblers. This is a must hunt for anyone that has a passion to see a large number of birds and have an opportunity to harvest a Merriams Turkey!!

Because of our success and our willingness to keep our hunts at a premium, we have added the Devils Nest Camp to Triple T Hunting. This camp and its properties are nestled near the Missouri River breaks on the Lewis and Clark Lake. At Triple T we felt that we OWE it to our hunters to offer land that has limited hunting and a LARGE number of gobblers. Becuase of this loyalty, we felt the need to search for a piece of property that we ourselves would hunt and that would offer the same tremendous experience that we are known for. Well we found it…………. and we NOW have the opportunity to bring more hunters into a truley unique turkey hunting experience.

We offer a 3 night 3 day turkey hunt. Our comfortable and rustic farm house, river cabins and lake homes offer you a great palce to tell all your stories after the hunt. Make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best turkey hunting around in Nebraska.


Spring & Fall
Set by Nebraska Game & Parks

Packages & Prices

Prices do not include transportation, licenses or Nebraska sales tax of 5.5%.

  • Package #1 – $1300
  • 3 night, 3 day hunt, 1 bird hunt
  • Includes: Meals and Lodging
  • Package #2 – $1600
  • 3 night, 3 day hunt, 2 bird hunt
  • Includes: Meals and Lodging

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